El Pinito Ocho

El Pinito is a Coliving space, a place where you can live, work and simply be.
El Pinito is a house with 5000m2 garden filled with fruit trees.

Here you can meet local and international people. You can work on your laptop under the shadow of an orange tree. Or chill with your family in the garden.

Why coliving?

Nowadays the boundaries between work and holidays are blurred. We no longer need to be where our “job” is. We are creating this space outside the city where holidays and work can become combined. Your family doesn't need to be far away and adventures don´t need to wait until retirement.

What can you do here

We have two en-suite rooms where you can sleep. We have wifi so that you can work underneath the orange trees shadows. We have a massive garden for you to walk around and it is full of fruit trees for you to treat yourself. We have a kitchen where we brew speciality coffees and tasty breakfasts using seasonal/ultra local/organic ingredients.

You can also check our Events page to see what is on. And if what you have here ain’t enough, Aurelio can help you to find some exciting activities in the island!


The team behind it

When you come to the house you will find Alba, Nora, Rian, Aurelio and our grandma Ma Rosa.  We are from Tenerife and Ireland and we come from different professional backgrounds. For now though we have left that aside to do something that really motivates us and improves our quality of life. We are developing a project where we can experiment. We can brew great coffee, create a community, be our own boss and at the end of the day go to the beach for a quick surf. And we want to share that with you.

So here we are, opening our house to this community which is just starting. We are already making good friends whom are helping us to build this project. Pedro Pineda who is also in the family has helped us with his previous experience starting co-working spaces such as Betahaus and TMDC in Barcelona. Hans Goedecke is making great videos websites and has fallen love with our garden a little bit. Tom Spoorendonk who is building some cool shit in Berlin with Studio Bali and Sebastian Stephan who is finishing his degree in product making. Oh! There is many more and maybe we should start a list of friends and their exciting projects soon!

But for now, we would be very happy to get to know you. Let us know if you would like to come around!